Kenya Ships 55 Metric Tons of Omena to China

The third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in late June witnessed the debut of the initial shipment of Kenyan wild anchovy products, marking a significant stride in China’s push to promote the import of premium African food and agricultural items. This endeavor aims to diversify choices for domestic consumers in China while fostering increased trade between China and Africa.

Omena Goes Global: Kenya Exports 52 Tonnes of Local Delicacy to China -
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The transportation and introduction of these anchovy products were facilitated by Huawen Food, a local Kenyan subsidiary under the Jinzai Food Group, with a specific target audience in mind – the Chinese snack market.

Operating from the coastal region of Kwale in Kenya, Huawen Food relies on the contributions of numerous local fishermen who supply the company’s processing plant with locally sourced ‘omena,’ which is then prepared through drying and packaging.

China starts regular importation of Kenyan 'omena'

Anchovies, those small but intensely flavorful fish, possess a taste so bold, salty, and pungent that they can evoke a strong reaction if not served correctly. In Kenya, they are typically paired with local staples like ugali and greens. Now, these anchovies are poised to become a lucrative asset for the Kenyan fishing industry, as Liu Zhiyong, the managing director of Huawen Food, underscores the high-profit potential of the company’s Kenyan operations.

Anchovies find their place in various Chinese dishes, ranging from stir-fries and street snacks to salads and more substantial meals like anchovy fried rice.

The allure of anchovies for culinary enthusiasts lies in their unique flavor, often described as “umami” – a fifth taste that defies easy description and elevates the dining experience beyond the realms of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.

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