Kenya Ranked Among Top 7 Holiday Destination Worldwide

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with beautiful national parks and good places to visit during holiday. Recently, Kenya on Christmas Day received a second cruise ship MV Nautica at the Port of Mombasa with 572 tourists on board.

However, after recapping the year 2022, it would be a decent delight to add exhilarating trips to your list.

However, Trip Advicor recently published that Kenya is among the best seven destinations.

Nknetheless, the publication stated that Kenya hosts some of the most extraordinary species on earth and accords tourists a wildlife and safari adventure.

“Take a multi-day guided safari tour of the Mara River and see animal crossings you’re used to seeing on Planet Earth.

“Another scenic adventure includes a trip to Amboseli National Park, where you’ll see giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, and more, with a breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro,” Trip Advisor described.

Cruise ship with tourists

Additionally, Kenya offers the best place for an educational trip at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Nursery where orphaned elephants are safely homed.

“Keep in mind that visiting hours at the nursery are short and advanced booking is required,” the report further stated.

In the list of spectacular countries, there was Morocco, Sri Lanka, Barbados and Ncaragua.

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