Kenya Makes Debut in Worlds Famous Wine Olympics

Dubbed “ The ultimate test of taste and smell” World Blind Wine Tasting Championships or Wine ‘Olympics’ as popularly known as is organized by “La Revue du Vin de France”; the oldest wine magazine in the world (founded in 1927). The event is set to be held in France and will see at least 26 countries participate in the coveted event on October 7 & 8 in Champagne Ayala, France.

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A team of four sommeliers, led by their team leader, has been exploring diverse terroirs, improving their knowledge, and getting ready for the World event for the first time. France for a full week, Joy Adero, Melissa Mwende, Soraiya Ladak, Beverly Mbaika and Victoria Mulu-Munywoki will participate in the intense exercise of identifying five aspects of wines, selected from up to 10 countries, and served blind over a period of 2 hours. They will destine to find the main variety, the country of origin, the vintage, the region and the wine producer.

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A very difficult game because wines can be diverse and other countries participating share a long history of grape-growing, with vineyards dating back as far as the 17th century and rich wine-drinking cultures.
The all-female, Team Kenya is however confident with the sommeliers having decades of wine expertise under their belts and are ready to compete in the thorough exercise of identifying the type of grape used to make the wine, which country it is from, the region in the country it originates from, the producer of the wine and the year it was made.

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“Kenya is known for its athletes, it is time that we are also known for having wine experts,” says Victoria Mulu-Munywoki, celebrated sommelier who will lead the team in the global stage.
The title holders are currently Hungary. Their winning team last year scored an astounding 166 points to beat home team favorites France, who had clinched the title in 2020.

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