Comparison between Kenya and Tanzania Tourist Destinations

Kenya and Tanzania are those countries that are frequently visited by tourists from all over the world.

In a recent report by the, wealthy tourists were abandoning Kenya for a better experience in Tanzania while ranking the best Safaris in Africa.“Kenya is a more popular and affordable safari destination, although both countries offer a great safari experience,” the report explained 

It was also revealed that only one Kenyan national park made it to the top 19 parks on the continent, while Tanzania had a record four. According to the report, tourists visiting the two East African countries spend between Ksh19,000 and Ksh194,000 per day, depending on their preferences.

When visiting national parks and game reserves in Kenya and Tanzania, tourists typically spend between Ksh32,300 and Ksh45,300 daily.

Maasai Mara safari – BBC News

Kenya was described as the most popular destination for tourists willing to spend Ksh32,300 or less. Nevertheless, Travellers Worldwide disclosed that Kenya was starting to lose revenue over time because wealthy tourists tend to prefer Tanzania. 

“There are a lot of luxury safaris in Tanzania for tourists who prefer a vacation that feels more glamorous,” the report also indicated why Tanzania was the spot of choice by world millionaires.

Tanzania has four national parks ranked among the top 19 on the continent, with Serengeti National Park ranked as the best in Africa.

Tanzania Ranked Among World’s Best Travel Destinations

Ruaha National Park (15), Nyerere National Park (17), and Katavi National Park (18) were also ranked in Tanzania (18).

Regardless of the fact that Kenya has 51 national parks and game reserves, only Masai Mara Game Reserve made the top 19, ranking eighth.

The Laikipia Plateau was also named one of Africa’s top five safari destinations in a separate list.

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