KBL launches new Smirnoff variant

In the seventh iteration of Unleash your Edge Fiesta hosted at Impala grounds, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) formally introduced a new Smirnoff version.
Smirnoff vodka’s silky flavor is combined with an energizing concoction of pineapple and ginger beer flavors in the new variation dubbed “Smirnoff pineapple punch” within EABL’s extensive catalog. The outcome is a delightfully fruity and crisp beverage that is ideal for any gathering of friends and family.

during the launch

This product is available in two sizes: a 300ml bottle and a 330ml can. Its alcohol content is 5.5% by volume. The recommended retail price (RRP) for this in pubs and restaurants is KES 200 for the can and KES 180 for the bottle version.

Performers of the event

Some of Kenya’s greatest performers, including Khalighraph Jones, Fena Gitu, Grauchi, DJ Karowski, MC Gogo, and DJ Roq, Fathermoh, Pierra Makena, Ssaru, DJ Linsey, DJ Tophaz, Reedah Yvonne, and Sir M, entertained guests at this weekend’s Fiesta.
KBL Managing Director Mr. Mark Ocitti remarked during the launch event that the innovative idea was to enable consumers discover the alternative to the typical by developing flavor drinking experiences that are simple but satisfying.

“As a consumer-based business, we take time to study the market and identify our consumer needs and how to satisfy them. Our innovations department took a deep dive into what our consumers needed and noted a pattern in which they wanted a new, refreshing and exciting brand. We are constantly investing and renovating our brands to stay on par with dynamic consumer trends,” said Mr Ocitti.

“This will be our seventh edition of the Unleash Your edge fiesta”, a campaign we introduced last year that is all about good vibes and good times with friends. Since our first event, our aim was to bring to life adventures that are beyond the usual, by creating flavourful experiences that are effortless yet mischievous,” he added.

Its customers

On the other hand, KBL’s Innovations Commercialization Manager Lillian Ndirangu noted that the new variation is for customers who are searching for thrilling and distinctive experiences, who want to express themselves in novel ways and creative spaces, and who want flavored drinks (Sweet and fruity) at reasonable prices. The flavors of Smirnoff Pineapple Punch are best experienced when the beverage is crisp cold.


“The target consumer for Smirnoff Pineapple punch is your 25 to 34 years old consumer who are trendsetters, and fun lovers. Their key passion points for these consumers are Music, are into the latest trends, Art and Technology on content on social media whenever they have the bundles, key connection point for this consumer is Facebook where they tend to enjoy trendy, entertaining & humorous content,” the Innovations Commercialization Manager added.

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With the company’s profit increase in the financial year ending June 2022 being partially credited to investment behind brands and innovation in the route to market in response to shifts in consumer behavior, KBL has stressed innovation as one of the company’s core growth pillars.

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