Mixed reactions as Kamene Goro Washes Omena With Soap

Through their podcast, which they co-host with a former coworker named Oga Obinna, media celebrity Kamene Goro has astounded Kenyans by cleaning Omena (Rastrineobola argentea) with soap and water.

Oga Obinna and DJ Bonez were teaching Kamene how to prepare the well-known Kenyan dish in the episode that served as their debut.

One Omena packet was for Kamene to demonstrate how she prepares the omena, while the other was for Obinna to instruct her in his techniques. Obinna is a controversial radio host.


Following them into the kitchen was her Disc Jockey spouse Bonez, then Obinna and Kamene. Assembling her supplies, which included soap and disinfectant, Kamene took the initiative and headed to the kitchen sink.

While doing so, she bought aprons for herself and her coworker Obinna as she described how she would make the notorious supper.

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Before continuing, Kamene Goro said that she had done this before and that he had not had diarrhea.

When Obinna inquired about whether she had ever prepared omena, Bonez responded that she had never even tried because they only purchase it for their pet.

Obinna requested permission from Bonez to use her method to create one of the packs.

A very busy Kamene said that they should let her work because she thought she was on the correct track.

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