Kalvin Phillips Spends Time with His girlfriend Ashleigh Behan In Tsavo West National Park

Former Leeds United midfielder Kalvin Phillips has revealed that he has spent time with his girlfriend in Kenya. The couple spent their time in Tsavo West National park on 4 July. The player has now moved to English premier league champions Manchester City.

Kalvin Philips and Ashleigh Behan

Kalvin Phillips has just signed a six-year deal at the Etihad and also revealed that he has a professional makeup artist Ashleigh Behan, tent at Finch Hatton’s where for the first time took part in a safari.

On his Instagram, he captioned: ”The past two weeks we traveled to Kenya on a Safari which was an experience I don’t think we will ever be able to top!! Me & @ashhhbx absolutely love animals so having the chance to do our best David Attenborough is something we won’t ever forget 🤣 seeing these animals in the wild was unreal! 🇰🇪🦒🐘

We also had the opportunity to visit a Masai village. It was an incredible time learning about the history of the tribe. Experiences like this really puts things into perspective and the people were so welcoming.”



According to Philip, they had a very good experience at Tsavo since they are big fans of wild animals. Additionally, the two couples also visited a village where they got an opportunity to interact with the Maasai community.


The player revealed about his trip to Kenya hours before he was announced by Man city as Fernandino’s replacement. Fernandino recently joined Brazilian club Atletico paranaense.

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Kalvin Phillips will now wear number 4 at Manchester City and will be competing for midfield position with  Kelvin De Bryuyne and Phil Foden.

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