Is a 13000 kshs plate of meat worth it?

For the average Kenyan, it is just flesh. The Wagyu steak, which costs Sh13,000 per plate and with meat that is as tender as night, is what would pique the taste of wealthy Kenyans.

Over time, chefs have begun presenting foods that were previously exclusively available abroad as more and more consumers experiment with new culinary experiences.

Why Is So Expensive And Is It Worth The Price?
Wagyu Beef

“It is all about the marbling of the beef, genetics and breeding of the cow,” says Chris Wade, an Australian chef who comes to Kenya to teach the art of cooking and serving Wagyu beef.

A Wagyu steak, one of the priciest in the world, is now available in a few upscale Nairobi restaurants. One might wonder why this steak is so pricey.

Australian chef Chris Wade, who travels to Kenya to impart his knowledge on how to prepare and serve Wagyu beef, claims that it all comes down to the marbling, genetics, and breeding of the cow. Wagyu’s juiciness, texture, flavour, and tenderness are all a result of marbling.

Wagyu beef, in contrast to most cow breeds, has white fat that looks to be fine.


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Wagyu beef

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