Irio, The Glorified Mashed Potato

One of the most common food in Kenya is Irio. Other people hive it different names depending on where they come from. If you visited most parts of central and even eastern Kenya, Irio is one of the foods that are dominant in the area.

Picture of irio

If you would love to prepare irio, you need to have mashed potatoes with peas, spinach, sukumawiki and some other greens. Irio isĀ  best known by the Agikuyu people of Kenya.

Additionally, most people from other communities have embraced it and its part of their daily meals.

A picture of a well cooked irio
Irio was initially a Kikuyu staple that has spread through Kenya.
It is also outstanding for long-distance runners, the Kambas.
Nonetheless, you can find Irio in most restaurants in Nairobi town that serves traditional dishes.
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