Instagrammable vs Tasty Food

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Does beautiful food taste better?

As a professional food expert, I have noticed a growing trend in the food industry where visual appeal takes priority over taste. This trend, also known as Instagrammable food, has become increasingly popular over the past few years.


Chefs, restaurants, and other eateries are altering menus to create visually striking dishes that are sure to get noticed on social media platforms like Instagram. However, the question remains whether this strategy is effective in generating engagement and ultimately bringing in more customers.
The pressure to create unique and visually appealing food items has led to the creation of novelty dishes such as unicorn lattes and styled meals, even at the bottom of the food chain facilities. While these items may look great on Instagram, the question remains whether they are worth sacrificing taste for the sake of visual aesthetics.
As food content creators and chefs continue to prioritize food items that generate social media engagement, there is a growing concern that taste is being neglected in favor of visual appeal. Restaurants are now abandoning traditional taste in favor of bright and unusual colors, shapes, and presentation styles to attract attention on visual-based social media platforms like Instagram.
As a food expert, my advice is to strike a balance between taste and visual appeal.

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While Instagrammable food can be a fun and creative way to attract attention, it should not come at the expense of taste. At the end of the day, taste should always be the key factor when it comes to food. So let’s enjoy our food, and if it happens to be Instagram-worthy, that’s just a bonus!

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