Inside Rtd Major General Hussein Ali Mansion In Karen

Karen is home to most rich people in Kenya. It is one of those serene places one would think of making and calling it a home. A number of prominent people have homes in Karen and president Ruto and Matiangi are one of them.

The retired major general Hussein Ali has a home in a three acre piece of land there. The three-acre piece of expansive land consisted of a 20,000-square-foot mansion with a 50-metre driveway.

The seven-bedroomed mansion also consists of several amenities including a prayer room, two living rooms situated on the ground floor, walk-in wardrobes and various entertainment rooms. Opposite the main house is twin houses that act as premises for the staff. Designed as a family house, the expansive upper floor offers adequate space for bedrooms and guest houses.

The mansion was regarded as one of the priciest houses in Nairobi in 2012, according to various real estate firms.

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Upon its completion in 2011, the abode was put up for sale. However, at the time the prospective buyers failed to meet the required price tag.

According to a director of the real estate firm in charge of selling the mansion at the time, the retired general was not pleased with the prices, prompting the firms to reconsider selling the mansion at the price rate.

According to Knight Frank mansions in Karen had a price tag of around Ksh50- 80 million.
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“That house is not available for sale anymore, he (Major Gen Ali) was not happy with the offers and I think he might want to live in it,” the director stated as quoted by Business Daily in a past interview.

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