Inside One of the best seafood eatery in Nairobi

Pablo’s restaurant is one of the best seafood eateries located in Hurlingham. There are two main dining establishment. One is Mezze. another is Pablo which is noted in serving authentic Asian, Swahili, Italian, and continental cuisines.

Seafood Platter Ideas, How To Make and Serve Party Food

Customers are always given a sneak peek at what the executive chef, Mr. Aravindan Mahalingam, and his crew have planned for the upcoming few months at the special event. Recently, the hotel  have changed their old menu to adapt to the changing clientele’s palate and deliver the comfort classics with a whole new flair in an effort to break up the monotony of the regular meals.   

Pablos restaurant

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There is a seafood platter. This is typically served with the classic beurre blanc sauce, and grilled lobster, salmon, snapper, and breaded calamari.

Pablo is a charming private retreat ideal for sophisticated business meetings, social catch-ups, or a romantic date night, according to everybody who has dined there.

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