Inside Dubai Hotel That Sells Kenyan Local Food

Kenyan  food is arguably one of the best dishes in the world. It ranges from ugali, local mutura, nyama choma and other local foods. If you are in other country, you would definitely crave for your local food. Other foods from those countries especially Arabic country might be having some weird taste at first. Well, here is a hotel in Dubai that sells African local food.

Nyama choma - Wikipedia

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you will meet Chef Machangoh restaurant that sells Nyama choma, njahi, plantains and ugali among other meals. The sight of makuti gives the restaurant a good African look. The interior look is given an African look.

Their prices ranges from 1500n kenyan shillings and 3000 kenyan shillings. Surprisingly Samosa would cost you 1050 shillings. The owner fetches ingridients from different African countries  such as Kenya, Camerooon, Egypt, Ghana and Oman.

the owner is yet to open more branches in other countries. This will make Africans especially Kenyan get their delicacies while in other foreign  countries

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