Initiatives To Protect Watersheds


Water supplies, animal habitat, and recreation are all dependent on healthy watersheds. A watershed is an area of land that drains rain water into one location such as a stream, lake or wetland. These water bodies watersheds sustain life, in more ways than just supplying our drinking water and water for agriculture and manufacturing. They also offer opportunities for recreation and provide habitat to numerous plants and animals. Unfortunately, various forms of pollution, including runoff and erosion, interfere with the health of the watershed. WWF Kenya recognizes and has put great emphasis in protecting healthy watersheds and brings significant resources and complementary tools to this work that protects the entire watershed that drains into it. The healthy watersheds program both supports and integrates the work of these efforts to encourage more holistic protection of aquatic ecosystems. A variety of protection approaches are available, ranging from state policies and programs to locally driven to track watershed health and protection status.

According to the WWF Kenya, more than 75% in foods, fiber, manufactured goods and tourism depend on clean, healthy watersheds. That is why proper watershed protection is necessary to you and your community to ensure a high ecological value.


Compounded by climate change, water scarcity in Kenya is a big challenge that is growing worse by the day. Currently, Kenya is considered a water-stressed country with a declining freshwater availability per capita of only 493 cubic meters. This basically means that there is barely enough water in the country for everyone, hence the urgent need to conserve and restore the few watersheds to boost water production and availability in the country.

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