How You Can Reheat Left Over Pizza at Home

Pizza is one of those meals that most people take whenever they go out to have a meal. Sometimes, a person may not be able to finish up all the pizza and is forced to order somewhere to carry them.

However, there are ways you can reheat to avoid eating cold pizza at home.

Pizza in a pan

Using a low heat, try to put a pizza in a pan. Let is heat up for two minutes. Make sure it does not burn. You can make sure there is some space left for each pizza. You can either cook once or one at a time.

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As you continue to hear, add some little water. Make sure the water is not excess because the pizza will be soggy.

Pizza courtesy

Close the lead and make sure it heats for a while to dry up the water carefully take it out of the pan and it should be ready to serve.


You don’t have to have a microwave to warm the pizza.

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Pizza in a pan

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