How Safe Are Liquid Diet?

Liquid diet comprises of Juices, soups, shakes just to mention a few. Consequently, others include premade protein shakes, homemade or store-bought juices and smoothies and homemade protein shakes.

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However, there are different kinds of liquid diets. Most of people taking this diet do it to lose weight because they have fewer calories.

From fashionable fruit and vegetable juice drinks, this liquid diet promise to detox and cleanse the body to low-calorie shakes and soups.

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Is it safe?

Experts warn these diets carry health risks and are unsuitable for most people.

The National Health Service NHS recommends its 800-calories-a-day diet for obese or severely obese people managing type-2 diabetes.

“Juice diets appeal to people because they want a quick fix – but dieting is really hard,” Aisling Pigott, of the British Dietetic Association, says.

“There is a role for them – but it’s not one size fits all.

“It’s concerning when they are marketed at people who are a healthy weight.”

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Fruit and vegetable juice provides very little protein or fat which is healthy and plays good role in our bodies. The liquid diet can only help in short term health loss and increased nutrient intake.


  1. Feeling light-headed or dizzy
  2. little calories
  3. Lack of essential nutrients
  4. Not sustainable
  5. Not sufficient
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