How demand for meat in Nairobi is fueling bandit attacks

Meat is a common food in the city of Nairobi. Anyone with butchery will not miss a customer on any given day. Recently, there has been bandit attacks in the North Rift region. The Trans Nzoia governor George Natembeya alleged that demand for meat in Nairobi funds the banditry attacks in the North Rift region.  As cattle are stolen, they are transported in the city at night. 70 percent of the meat in the city comes from the North Rift region.

Natembeya during an interview in a local tv station cited that stolen cattle are transported at night. Later, they are taken to several slaughterhouses within the city..

“You will never find the horns of slaughtered cows whenever you visit Dagoretti slaughterhouse because people identify their animals using the horns,” Natembeya stated.

“The good people of Nairobi eat these animals. You are funding bandits in the Rift Valley,” he added.

He further added that the people involved cannot be arrested since they collaborate with the people in authority.

“Those people buying the stolen animals collaborate with law enforcement officers in such a way that they cannot even be apprehended,” the governor further claimed.

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