Holiday Inn Nairobi launches “Hang Out” experience

Holiday Inn Nairobi, Two Rivers Mall had recently launched Hang Out experience with EABL’s The-Bar. Holiday Inn Hang Out was offered by EABL partners to promote socializing, networking, and dining opportunities as well as to improve customer satisfaction and social interaction.

“We are delighted to partner with The-Bar by EABL to bring the Holiday Inn Hang Out to life. This collaboration offers our guests a unique, fun, and enjoyable experience. We aim to create a lively and engaging space that caters to our guests’ diverse interests and preferences. These Hang Outs are the first of many and will undoubtedly become sought-after activities for those seeking new experiences.” said the General Manager of Holiday Inn Nairobi, Mr. Amit Sharma.

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The opening of the Holiday Inn Hang Out demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to improving the guest experience and offering cutting-edge services that address the changing demands and tastes of contemporary visitors. This alliance with The-Bar by EABL reinforces the hotel’s dedication to working with leaders in the field to provide top-notch services.

Samuel Ndunda, the E-commerce Manager for East African Breweries Limited Plc (EABL), said that their offers on The Bar Ke have evolved to meet their consumers’ expectations. In 2020, they launched the platform as a digital shopfront to make it more convenient for consumers to receive genuine EABL
products at home. He added that Customers may buy and customize a soiree directly from, making planning parties and events easier. this was to make them get a first-hand experience of what The Bar Soiree offered.

What you need to know about holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn, Nairobi Hotel is a four-star establishment that offers affordable rates and services that tastefully combine the traditional and the contemporary, the serene and the lively – all for the pleasure of travel. Their debut into Kenya’s hotel and travel market as an IHG hotel implies a variety of contemporary, adaptable, standard, and
offering distinctive hotel amenities to a sizable and varied visitor base that consists of businesses, financial organizations, governmental agencies, and private citizens.

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