Hilton hotel finally close its doors

For over 53 years, Hilton Hotels has been in operation. It had as well been a landmark to many who would get lost in the city.

Towards the end of 2022, Hilton hotel finally closed its doors. And will remain so for as long as the building does not have a new occupant.

By Saturday 30th of December noon, all the entrances had been locked with padlocks, and behind them are memories. It was here that the firebrand Jomo Kenyatta-era politician JM Kariuki walked in, on March 2, 1975, with a friend, a security chief, never to be seen alive again.

Hilton hotel

Many will now get lost since the Hilton hotel logos that have always been placed by the entrances and at strategic positions of the building had been pulled down.

On the other hand, its busy entrances and exits yesterday witnessed little to no activity, with patrons replaced by hawk-eyed security personnel.

“No one is inside. No staff reported working. It is just us guarding the premises,” a guard told Nation. Africa.


On the last Thursday of 2022, they had folded their welcome mat that is always at the entrance. A few renovations here and paintings there. The pantry was already empty. So were the guest rooms. The swimming pool was drained already and the kitchen had become so cold, a staffer told the Nation.

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The Hilton, whose parent company is International Hotels Kenya, is partly owned by the government (40.57 percent stake).

The management, by the time of going to press, was yet to respond to our queries on whether the building already has a new occupant.

Regardless of whatever entity takes over the building, on some level, this will always be Hilton for many city residents. It was a meeting point for some and a geographical reference point for others, and will likely remain so for years to come.

Hilton closed
But From this point on, new references will likely be punctuated with “since the Hilton closed”.

The Hilton Nairobi was a pioneer in the hospitality industry having set the standards for hospitality in the city. The hotel was the first hospitality company in Kenya to sponsor the renowned Safari Rally driver Patrick Njiru.

Having conducted its extensive $11 million renovation, the facility was also the first property in the capital to introduce the executive lounge concept for its VIP guests in 1994.
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