Health Benefits of Horn Melon

Horn melon is a medicinal fruit that is not commonly consumed by a lot of people. It is yellow- orange on the outside and has some  spike.

In the inside, it has a pulpy flesh that has seeds. It’s it structure and taste that makes people not to consume it. Here are some of the benefits of taking the horn melon;

Helps control sugar levels

It contain low- glycemic that help to control insulin and sugar levels. It is known to reduce blood pressure that is why most people with high blood pressure consume it to regulate their pressure.

It helps in hydration

Thorn melon is contains 88% of water in it and electrolyte such as potassium and sodium that help to provide fluids in the body. It’s therefore advice able to take this fruit during summer.  You can also take it after exercise or during the day when it is hot.

Helps the skin

Horn melon contain vitamin C and water as mentioned earlier that helps to produce collagen . Collagen helps to heal wounds and helps in protecting the skin from sun burns . Especially if you apply the liquid from it’s thorn the outside part.

Boosts immunity

Research has shown that horn melon contain s vitamin C , zinc, iron and magnesium these nutrients are very vital in our body . It help to prevent the body from diseases. This should give you a reason to add thorn melon to your fruit basket every day.

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Horn melon

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