Has Unga Price Dropped To 90 Kshs?

Kenyans continue to struggle with a high cost of living as the cost of basic goods like sugar and maize flour soars.

The cost of a packet containing 2 kg of maize flour, however, is still debatable. While Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua insisted that since the Kenya Kwanza government gained power, unga prices had decreased to over Ksh150.

On Sunday, May 21, a picture of unga retailing for Ksh90 per 2kg packet went viral at the same moment, prompting many people to inquire for stores selling the product.

In July 2017, a month before the August 2017 General Elections, maize four was retailing at Ksh90 per 2kg packet, according to a spot check by Kenyans.co.ke.

On another occasion, the government claimed on April 17 that corn flour prices had reduced dramatically through State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed.

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Mohamed declared in a statement that some brands of the item would have lower costs for Kenyans.

However, Mohamed said that each miller will set their own prices, with a 2-kg packet selling for between Ksh159 and Ksh160.

On the other hand, President William Ruto clarified the availability of inexpensive maize flour in the Kenyan market on May 1.

The president said that the affordable maize flour had a selling price of Ksh158 at Labor Day festivities at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi.

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