Government of Kenya Approves 22 Airlines, Rejects 3

22 air service providers had their license applications granted by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), while three providers had their applications denied.

The government body provided specifics about the conditions of the renewed licenses for each provider in a Gazette notification dated Friday, March 3.

“Pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act, 2013 and the Licensing of Air Services Regulations, 2018 (Regulation 28), notice is given that the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has made decisions on applications for air service licences whose particulars were previously published in the Kenya Gazette Notices No. No. 6174, 10679, and 15926 of 2022,” read part of the notice.

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Some of the providers were granted the right to operate in Kenya for a period of three years while others were only allowed to operate till the validity of their existing licences.

While some service providers were given permission to conduct business in Kenya for a period of three years, others were only permitted to do so while their current licenses were still in effect.

Fleet – Capital connect
Fleet – Capital connect

However, three air service providers—DAC Aviation (EA) Limited, I Fly Air Solutions Limited, and Ishara Air Baloon Safaris Limited—had their applications for licenses rejected by KCAA Director General Emile Arao.

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Aerial photography and sightseeing, flying instruction in Kenya, domestic non-scheduled air service for people within Kenya, and international non-scheduled air service for cargo and mail were a few of the services provided by the providers.

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Advertising operations, airborne patrols, agricultural spraying, cloud spraying, fire spotting/control, game and livestock selection, and parachute jumping are some of the additional aerial labor services provided.



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