Government Doubles Entry Fees for Museums and Heritage Sites

The National Museums of Kenya (NMK) has recommended a 100% rise in entry fees for all museums and national heritage sites. The NMK highlighted a significant revenue shortfall due to maintaining entry fees at levels set in 2013 for both Kenyan citizens and foreign visitors.

As part of a three-year phased approach, the NMK plans to reassess the existing rates from the past decade, as outlined in the proposed National Museums and Heritage (Admission Fees) Regulations, 2023.

Fort Jesus National Monument – National Museums of Kenya courtesy

“The proposed increase aims to boost internal revenue to support NMK’s efforts in heritage conservation for posterity,’ NMK announced.

Under the new fee structure, individuals from Kenya visiting the Nairobi National Museum will now be charged Ksh400, up from the previous Ksh200. East African citizens touring Fort Jesus in Mombasa will experience a fee adjustment to Ksh1200 from the previous Ksh600, while non-residents will see their entry fees double to Ksh2400.

The 100% increment in entry fees is attributed to factors such as the depreciation of the shilling against the dollar. Additionally, the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) pointed to evolving government policies and fluctuations in revenue as contributing factors to the fee hike.

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NMK highlighted the advocacy of President William Ruto’s administration for state corporations to achieve self-sustainability, underscoring the necessity to enhance revenue collection.

“The implementation is proposed to be phased in three phases with the first phase being a 50 per cent increase from the current rates for the 1st year upon coming into force of the regulations,” NMK announced. “The second phase which commences from the 2nd year onwards would see a further 25 per cent increase and the last phase would be a final 25 per cent further increase implementable from the 3rd year onwards.”

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