No more illicit brew during the festive season, Government declares

The government through interior ps Raymond Omollo has declared a nationwide crackdown on counterfeit alcoholic drinks and drugs ahead of the festive season.

However, the exercise, which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Interior and National Government will involve the National Police Service and the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

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According to the star, Interior Principal secretary Dr Raymond Omollo said the crackdown is timely as the country traditionally experiences a spike in consumption of illicit alcohol and drugs during the festive season.

He spoke on Wednesday at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development during a consultative meeting ahead of the exercise that begins immediately.

“This crackdown is therefore timely as it mitigates the potential harm wrought on our people by illicit brews and counterfeit alcohol that is mostly traded in non-compliant premises,” Omollo said.

“Through this exercise, we can protect our youth from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug abuse.”

Omollo however said the crackdown will only target illicit alcohol and drugs while protecting licensed and legitimate businesses trading in alcoholic beverages.

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“The government is not against legitimate alcohol business. Licensed trade in legit alcohol is an important economic activity that will be accorded the necessary suppo

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