French Wine and Spirit Investors Lures Drinkers in Kenya

Nineteen French wine/spirit makers and sellers from France were in Nairobi to showcase and give Kenyans a taste and experience of over 200 wines and spirits.

There is a desire to enjoy food and drink in Kenya and this gives investors opportunities as they seek a bigger share of the growing market. The producers and merchants from main wine regions of France including Bordeaux, Champagne, Cognac, Rhone Valley, Loire Valley, Languedoc– Roussillon among others set their camps in Nairobi to give Kenyans a foreign taste experience.

Ludovic Prevost, the regional director of Business France, East Africa said the Kenyan market is evolving from consuming basic to high-quality wines, making it ripe for French investors.

“A Kenyan consumer is knowledgeable and keen on enjoying cultured products. For example, it’s now very common to find groups of people, women, sharing a bottle of wine in a restaurant,” he said at the event held at the French Embassy in Nairobi.

Kenyans have found a new thirst for wines and spirits, thanks to the wealthy and middle-class searching for high-quality alcohol. Their preference now varies by country and region. Also Wine shops, large-scale retailers, and e-commerce platforms, coupled with the ease of paying through mobile money, have helped bring spirits and wines to customers’ glasses.

The event dubbed ‘Tasting France’ brought together importers, distributors, restaurants, and retailers, seeking partnerships opportunities for import and distribution of wines and spirits.

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