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All of us can all fly- Tandem Paragliding


Have you ever dreamed about flying? Haven’t we all? Well, isn’t it crazy that we are actually able to do it in so many different ways nowadays? However, between flying in a plane, helicopter, hot air balloon or any other, one of the closest ways to feeling like flying, is actually paragliding. Tandem Paragliding is the best way experience the thrill of free flight over the breathtaking scenery in Kenya for the first time. This thrilling experience has become extremely popular in recent months in Kenya with Mawingu Camp, the only camp in Kenya that offering tandem paragliding flights, giving the unique experience.

Reasons to Take to the Skies With Mawingu Camp

With Mawingu Camp, you are flying with the best. All their tandem paragliding flights instructors are full time professionals with years of experience and are fully licensed to ensure your experience is safe, fun, and filled with flying memories.

Your adventure starts with a scenic gentle gust up the face of the hill/ ridge which sets you up your body ready for the flight.

Paragliding is nothing short of you just flying from the ground with your own feet! Flying and the feeling it causes in you is something you’ll enjoy more than you can imagine

Undoubtedly the safest skyward sports out there the tandem pilot only fly in conditions that allow them to launch and land safely, thus, guaranteeing maximum safety until he or she touches the ground again.

Flying as a tandem passenger, is suitable for everyone, from children and the elderly to people with functional diversity and no previous experience is required – you just need to bring your sense of adventure.

The enjoyable 15-30 minutes flight is carried out in various flight venue including Sky Camp Kijabe, Iten and Tala and costs only Ksh. 20,000 per person

The fascinating views from paragliding are unbeatable and unmatched. Paragliders appreciate the world’s magnificence in the spectacular angle from which they witness it.

Compared to hang gliding and other aerial sports, paragliding is much easier for people to learn flying because the speed is slow. Maneuvering a tandem paraglider is more uncomplicated than it seems.

The whole experience is recorded using amazing GoPro cameras to capture insane video and photos of your tandem paragliding flight – all the action, all the emotion!

Paragliding’s speed can be adjusted, and it’s usually slow which makes you relish the priceless moment which can never be taken back and surely cannot be seen elsewhere.

Paragliding is not just about excitement, delight and admiration! The wholesome health benefits are numerous. Paragliding aids in weight loss and energy boost as well. The mental health boons of paragliding cannot be skipped. It is a worthwhile stress-reliever.


What to bring to the Tandem paragliding experience

Paraglide in the middle of summer, can be very windy once in the air. Besides, being so close to the sun might get you burned, so here is a list to what you should not miss when planning for the flight.

Long pants

windbreak (depending on the time of year)



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