Flight 540 Banned From Operating In Kenya

The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has banned local carrier Fly540 Limited from operating in Kenya. This comes a few days after the authority received several increased travellers’ complaints.

CAK has analysed over 50 complaints. The authority protects consumers from unfair and misleading market conduct by businesses.

One of the complaints, for instance, in a statement dated Wednesday, November 16, the authority accused the airline of misleading the public about its capability to provide air travel services to passengers and the possibility of amending flight itineraries.

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On the other hand, the airline was also accused of arbitrary flight cancellations and short notices about them and extreme delays in refunding customers.

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Further, CAK noted that the airline’s air operation certificate had expired on September 30. The airline was not allowed to fly passengers in Kenya too.

Currently, the authority said the airline should stop advertising flight bookings in electronic, print and social media. The carrier was also banned from receiving bookings from the public or their travel agents until the ongoing investigations are completed.

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