Feeble Fresha’s

Sip After Sip

CHAPTER 1: Feeble Fresha’s

If you talk to most ladies, form four leavers to be precise, our dream is always to date a campus guy.  However, when we join campus, fourth-years prey on us, and sometimes maybe use us. Lecturers too have even more advantages over us. FAITH RONO brings a new twist that you’ll definitely need to drink to Joining Campus.

We have always been good friends ever since we were in high school, Rahab, Joyce, and I. Luckily, we joined the same campus around 2013. We have always shared a lot. In campus, we even came up with a place where we could chill and spend most of our weekends when we don’t party at a famous club around, Bayley’s like the rest of the students. Bayleys is where most students party around Rongai. But the three of us found Club Legend more favorable for the three of us.

Rahab is one of the most beautiful curvy chocolate ladies you will ever meet and that made her a good target for freshmen, fourth years, and even some lecturers. I don’t want to mention the good time those uber drivers have whenever she decides not to drive herself to school. I am sure lecturers could even delay some of their lecture sessions just to have her in class. Joyce too was that light-skinned lady that you will always spot from quite a distance. I had the good privilege of always spending a good time with them.

We were doing the same course with Rahab but we had some common units to share with Joyce. So, during most lectures, we could meet in those first-year classes in common units.

Savanna cider

I had noticed that one of the school studio technicians and a lecturer who used to take us through some studio classes had an eye on both Rahab and Joyce. But mostly, he used to spend some time with Rahab. We could find ourselves, Joyce and I all alone in club Legend when Rahab decided to give us endless excuses as to why she could not spend those particular weekends with us. It took quite some time for us to realize Rahab and Dickson, a lecturer and studio technician, had a thing. Joyce and I never wanted Rahab to feel bad about it and we could always hint at how she could always take care of herself. So, one fine Friday evening, we managed to have a small catch-up at my crib. The girls showed up stunning as always. Jumia Kenya had come through with timely delivery of our favorite savannah beers. It was always a fun time with the girls. Laughter and merry. There is always something in a chilled savannah beer that cements the bond more.

We were on the second six pack. Rahab looked to have had enough. I could tell from her dance moves. She stopped for a second and caught our attention when she called for a toast. “ I love you my B*tchezzz….” She spluttered. She had another chug. Staggered as if she was going to fall before I grabbed her hand. “I want to let something off my chest bestie” she stammered “but first cheers… to our freaking friendship” she added before plunging herself into the recliner.

‘I hope you will take this on a light and positive note…’’ She started…



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