Extravagant: A Lady Spends Ksh 27k On A Tiny Meal

Social media users react to a post by a lady who spends ksh 27k on a tiny cuisine. The woman who is likely from the united states shared a photo of a tiny meal and on the caption mentioned the price. Fine dining, the price however exorbitant, has left many in awe.

The lady who seemingly appears to be a black American noted that Sundays are for fine dining, as she posted a plate of her extravagant meal.

Her followers  had different reactions with some looking for the name of the restaurant and the address wanting to try the meal.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

@RogerSneed said: “Two hundred whole American dollars PLUS fifty of them for…what?”

@Philorida said: “I never got played this bad but in Miami my wife ordered the ravioli that was $36. It came with 6 pieces. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then I went to a place in Jacksonville and got the shrimp for around the same price. 5 shrimp. I went to Burger King after.”

@Nothasghey said: “Please tell us where I want to go so bad I want it please it’s so worth it.”

@Wambuyii said: “How do you you all get full off some samples.”

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