Evergreen Park Bar Kiambu

Ever Flowing

Kenya is not short on brilliant bars, but some take things to the very highest level. It boasts a bustling nightlife scene whether you looking for a place in the city where you can enjoy a sundown, dance the night away at a nightclub, or enjoy live music from talented local artists. We got you in this, we will tell you the best joints that are indeed making the nightlife of the nation Buzz. Dress up, grab your mates and let’s head off to the new home of entertainment- Ever Green Park Bar

If you are looking for a way out for a picsque serene to enjoy a night out, then evergreen park bar is the place to be.  Chilled out, calm and collected to a crowd worth your vibe, is a peak of what the popular bar offers. Tucked in the heart of rich Kiambu county, a kilometer away from the Northern bypass overpass, Evergreen offers nothing but the best of natural environments witnessed in the land of Kenya. It’s known for its opulence and breathtaking sights for the sore eyes. A step into the green gates and your are welcomed by the beautiful scenery of the dam that is surrounded by the tall bamboo trees on one side and grass on the other side.

The classic-modern bar is located at the heart of the park, adjacent to the man-made lake, allowing you to sip some as cool breeze from the calm waters caress your mind manifestations. Known for its neighborhood feel, evergreen bar is a popular spot for locals and visitors to the area. The bar has also earned its accolades as one to offer an executive experience, second to none. It’s vast array of alcohol brands has wiggled on every visitor’s tongue only to confess the best of what it offers.

The bar is all dazzle & fun. The out-door lovers haven will offer delectable bites at an affordable price and also cater to events, for those craving to host their special function in the ever-green environment. The tantalizing food is authentic, prepared by chefs of high accord with culinary perfection. Their dishes have been labels of excellence for a supreme quality cuisine. Your drink experience at the bar, is far from over if you haven’t imbibed into their Lucious cocktails. Crafted to precision, their cocktails are affordable and hit the right notes, totally worthy for the budget.

Whether you are a fun of picnics or outdoor hangout experience a visit to evergreen will definitely quench that crave. Their social Sunday chill out is a perfect way culminate your weekend. We highly recommend you make your reservation on time to book your space in the highly-favored den. By a mile the best hangout joint in town.

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