Equip an Awesome Home Gym -on a budget

Keeping it simple and safe is the key to create an entire home workout circuit by purchasing exercise equipment on the cheap or using props that are already part of your home. Our Fitness expert NICK OLENYO advices on the Definitive Guide to setting up a Home Gym that suits your unique needs, goals, and Preferences: safe and cheap equipment’s you can stock to work your muscles from the comfort of your own home without overspending.

With the lockdown almost coming to an end and people slowly drifting back to normality, it is with no doubt that the busy souls are going to struggle with time. Deadlines and make up duties will be the new norm with people working extra hours. That said, time will be a problem and some things will change both time wise and financially. Most people opting for more convenient gym routines that is also cheaper. What better than transforming some space at home into a gym by equipping it with some basic gear. Having a well-equipped home gym is convenient if you’re on a tight schedule and could be an incentive to maintain an exercise program. We however recommend it’s best to buy gear in stages, and here’s the general process while buying the best home fitness equipment on a budget.

Phase I – Make 2-3 key purchases to maximize your training options.

In the beginning, you should invest in equipment that offers a lot of versatility in terms of the amount of exercises and training goals that it can be used for. This will include:

Free Weights- A barbell and/or a pair of adjustable dumbbells can go a long way. Add in a squat or power rack and an adjustable bench, and you’ve got a lot of options available to you.

A suspension training system (e.g. Rings, TRX, etc.) gives hundreds of exercise options abound. They can be used for the basics like pull-ups, push-ups, inverted rows, and dips or for more advanced exercises like muscle ups, handstand push-ups, and to assist with single leg squats.

Also Kettlebells, club-bells, resistance bands and a weight vest add to the list.

Phase 2 – Fill in the gaps to get all of your bases covered.

After you’ve made the key purchases you might find out that something is missing? Well, some a weight vest would complement your set of rings well and a pull up bar or a set of parallel bars make a great addition. So, whatever you are lacking from Phase 1 – get it here to give you a variety of tools with a broad set of benefits and uses.

Phase 3 – Add supplemental equipment based on your needs, goals, and interests.

Once you’ve got all of your bases covered, you may be all set. A few pieces of well-chosen equipment can provide a lifetime of service and tons of training options.

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