Enzi Zetu with Diman Mkare

Reminiscing the Good Old Days

High School, especially if you were in the 8-4-4 system was really tough. We had to get something to spice it up and make it worthwhile. Apart from funkies, food was really crucial. Some of us had really subpar food daily and that one signature meal that was everyone’s favourite was really valued. We even had some custom ways of making it tastier.

In this month’s ‘Enzi Zetu’, we talk to Fashionista and Obinja TV Host Diman Mkare who takes us into his high school days.

  1. Which high school were you in?

I went to three different schools in high school. The first one was Kitanga High School, then Kwantanze High School. I finished at Kathekakai High School.

  1. Take us back to your high school days and tell us about your favourite meals.

Rice & meat was my best. I really loved that thing. I also loved muthokoi.

  1. Were you friends with the Dining Hall / Kitchen staff? And who was your favourite?

I wasn’t friends with the Dining Hall and Kitchen staff. They hated me because I loved to go for surplus. My favourite guy however was called Mulwa. He used to put food for two for me.

  1. What was your funkie favourite meal?

My favourite funkie meals were four. There was ugali fish, biryani, mchele kuku and machipo palepale

  1. What’s the best food/ snack you bought to a girl?

I remember I bought a girl Belgium chocolate once.

  1. What’s the worst punishment you ever did being late in the DH (Dinning Hall)?

My worst was washing the whole DH alone.

  1. Do you cook or eat outside?

I cook because I love my food clean and cooked by me.

  1. What do you cook mostly?

Chapo and ndengu. That’s what I cook most.

  1. What was your first meal to backfire?

I tried making Biryani. It really backfired.

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