Enchanted Wallets : Raising the Bar with Wallets Lounge

Utawala is a hidden party center. Residents here know a thing or two about great nights out. One such place that offers great nights is Wallets Lounge, Utawala. This is the party haven in the area.

Wallets is located in the center of Utawala Estate close to Masimba. The size of the place immediately hits you once you arrive. It is a huge entertainment joint designed to run daily. There is a huge bouncing castle which I assumed is meant for kids especially on Sundays during a family day out. The array of bright neon lights makes the place stand out at night.

There are sitting places that are arranged outside in the spacious compound. This is for those who want to have a good time in the open. The outside area isn’t however cut off from the party as music blasts as loudly here. There is an outer counter are where you can get your drinks from. There is also ample lighting and the whole place is a carnival.

Once you’re in, the huge interior space at Wallets immediately hits you. The place almost looks like a warehouse. A warehouse with mostly purple walls. The interior design paid attention to the lighting and small decorative designs. The ceiling and lighting have been beautifully linked giving out a soft but bright punch of color. The bar counter area at Wallets is one of the best designed Nairobi joints. The counter is so well designed that the drinks there are literally calling out to you.

There is a downstairs and upstairs section. A simple set of stairs links the two floors. Upstairs is designed in such a way that you have view of the downstairs. It is basically a huge interior balcony. The sitting spaces are meant for four but can obviously accommodate more – with both wooden and leather seats. Located upstairs are some comfy leather seats that can accommodate about six or more.

Wallets is basically one huge party in three parts; outside, downstairs and upstairs.

The DJ’s booth is located in a corner downstairs next to the staircase in such a way that he has a clear view of the whole place. Huge speakers are spread all across the place – the place can be really loud. Screens are also spread across the place for all the football lovers, you can follow the game from anywhere.

Wallets is your classic entertainment join. It is one of those bars where you are assured a good time. They have various themed weeknights and you best attend one of these parties. You are definitely going to have a great time.

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