Eliye Springs’ beaches,The Beauty of Lake Turkana

Most people imagine an arid, desolate landscape when they hear the name Turkana. Nonetheless, Turkana County is home to stunning beaches and spectacular scenery for travellers.

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Eliye Springs’ beaches are undiscovered beauties in the area; they resemble the pristine white sands found along coastal shorelines. Eliye beaches, which were frequently called “a beach paradise,” were a top destination for tourists both local and international in the 1970s. The wealthy would board private aircraft and fly to Kenya to unwind on the beach.
Since Turkana is thought to be the “cradle of mankind,” you may expect to find incredible historical sites there. The Turkana Boy, a 1.6 million-year-old skeleton, was discovered in the county and is the oldest human skeleton ever discovered.


The Beaches Of Eliye Springs | Book The Beaches Of Eliye Springs Tour  Packages - Travelokenya
The Beaches Of Eliye Springs | Book The Beaches Of Eliye Springs Tour Packages – Travelokenya

A desert safari, swimming, boat cruises, and views of Lake Turkana are some of the beachside pursuits. Your attention will be captured by the stunning scenes of camels quietly moving through the desert sand as you go.

On the beach, you may witness a beautiful sunset as the sun descends below the horizon, casting a glorious light across the sky. Seeing the sun rise from the ground to bring in a new day is just as amazing. Also, you will savor the locals’ distinctive culture and cuisine. Spend a few coins in the curio shops to purchase a souvenir.

Infinite palm trees line the region and line the path leading to the beach. From the air, the region can appear to be outside of Kenya, let alone Turkana.

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Consequently, you can choose from a variety of lodging alternatives, including tents, manyattas, bomas, and straightforward rooms. Many tourists in the area concur that the manyattas are highly recommended if you want to really experience life among the people.

Lastly, some captivating locations in Turkana include the Central Island National Park, Ferguson Gulf, Kalokol Standing Stones, the scalding Kapedo Waterfalls, and Lobolo Swamp.

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