Dry Death – Act now Act fast

Dry Death

Imagine a generation’s livelihoods wiped away. Pastoralist communities who have lost all their livestock to drought. This drought is a climate change crisis. It is not a wildlife crisis, it is a crisis for all lives: people, their livestock, and our unique wildlife. This crisis is affecting all of us and requires immediate, collective action as we are the very last generation that can make a significant difference. The impact of climate change like the severe drought in northern Kenya is a matter of life & death, for the people, their livestock & wildlife. After 3 failed rainy seasons, the drought situation has been on a worsening trend in Arid and Semi-Arid Counties in Kenya

fetching dirty water due to water shortage

The Save a Generation emergency drought appeal aims to save people, their livestock, and wildlife in Kenya from the prolonged ravaging drought exacerbated by climate change. Although the rains are finally here, we still need to help communities around key conservation areas to secure livelihoods for their generation and the future of their children until the vegetation fully regenerates. By supporting the #SaveAGeneration emergency drought appeal over the Ramadhan period, you helped WWF Kenya buy hay for rhinos, and cattle in northern Kenya, a region hit the most by one of the worst droughts in Kenya’s history. This climate adaptation and resilience initiatives helped to mitigate losing an entire generation of wildlife – juveniles and lactating mothers that were dropping dead due to the lack of water and pasture. The community-led climate adaptation interventions to mitigate human-wildlife conflict saw a boost by bringing water for all: wildlife, people and their livestock.

Drained, Emaciated, and Depressed
“In northern Kenya, pastoralists are returning home with nothing but herding sticks in their hands – drained, emaciated, and depressed because they have lost all their livestock to drought. These are communities who host over 60% of wildlife on their private lands that serve as wildlife corridors and dispersal areas. The prolonged drought consumed 80% of the pastoral economy. We need to ACT NOW, and ACT FAST, to mitigate this unprecedented crisis by adopting appropriate climate adaptation and resilience measures.” Mohamed Awer – CEO, WWF-Kenya.

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