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5 Fresh Questions with …Priscilla Ariokot alias Plate_up

Food stylist/ Personal Chef/ Home Cook / Foodie



1.Do you eat all the food you take photos of?

No, I do not eat all the food I take photos of. My brothers and friends help a lot with that.

  1. What’s the best relationship advice you’ve been given?

Someone once told me to take care of myself first and make sure that I am doing well and in that way, I shall be able to care for others.

  1. Do you bring leftovers home? How much food goes in the trash?

I barely have any leftovers but when I do, they come home with me. I am very careful to avoid waste and my brothers help to clean up any food that’s left over. It’s only when I am by myself that there’s a bit of waste.

  1. What is your most manly quality?

I really can do a lot of physically demanding things by myself, heavy lifting included. I do not classify myself as a delicate flower, more like a resilient acacia.

  1. Roughly how much do you spend on food each week?

I spend about 2000 ksh on food each week.

  1. What do your friends and family think of your life as an influencer?

My friends and family really do not view me that way, they still view me as Priscilla, that brings them food and good vibes when they need it. However, they are very supportive of my endeavors.



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