Dishy Vibes Effortless Kitchen Hacks

Dishy vibe readers probably spend most of their time in kitchen.

Economic recently has been biting hard and nevertheless kitchen maniacs are not spared, not to mention the climate and probably the end time considering the high pollution.

Establishing eco-friendly kitchen is never complex. Here is how to make the most of your produce, save energy and reduce food waste.

  • To prevent spoiling, place a paper towel in salad bags to absorb moisture.
  • To prevent fast sprouting , store potatoes in a cool, dry place.
  • Citrus and apples can cause other fruits to ripen quickly, store stem separately.
  • Air-tight containers keeps grains fresh.
  • Garlic lasts longer in an open basket or paper bag
  • Your overripe bananas can make good banana bread, smoothies or dairy ice cream.
  •  Keep your freezer full because it will operate with more energy efficiency when full.


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