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5 Fresh Questions with … Alice Watare Ongwenyi alias the Hungrygirl

 Foodie / Drinks connoisseur / Home Cook

Alice Watare Ongwenyi

1.Do you eat all the food you take photos of?

Yes and No. Sometimes the portion is enough for one while other times it can feed a whole army. That’s where my family especially my brothers and/or friends come in handy.

2.What’s the best relationship advice you’ve been given?

Your partner complements you; they don’t complete you.

Alice Watare Ongwenyi

3.Do you bring leftovers home? How much food goes in the trash?

I do bring leftovers home; I hate throwing away good food. We have almost zero wastage at home since we have a small farm. The pigs & poultry that we keep eat some of our leftovers.

Alice Watare Ongwenyi

4.What is your most manly quality?

I make sure that things get done. I rarely take a backseat when there’s a task to be done.

Alice Watare Ongwenyi

5. Roughly how much do you spend on food each week?

say the range is between 2,000/- to 5,000/-

6.What do your friends and family think of your life as an influencer?

They love it. My content is centred on food & they enjoy the meals that I make & the packages that I get to review. At first my parents didn’t understand how it worked especially when a brand would pay me to work with them but over time they got the hang of it & have become very invested in the growth of my page & in the content that I create. 

Name-Alice Watare Ongwenyi

IG account name-@thehungrygirl_ke

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Alice Watare Ongwenyi

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