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When it comes to sensual pairings, not many can top chocolate and strawberries. After all, you’ve got two aphrodisiacs coming together in a beautiful union — it’s science. On one hand, dark, sweet, sultry chocolate that can literally melt in your mouth. On the other, plump, luscious strawberries that burst with fresh fruit flavor. The combination of the two sends your tongue on a Tunnel of Love of flavor, leading your slowly toward pure bliss.



Mtura and Beer

Mtura and beer are invariably linked together. The classic pairing of spicy and sweet come together with Mtura and lager can be so much more than your average lager -sausage combination. Mtura brings the heat with chili and garlic, while the double hopped larger offers a perfect taste to break up the spice. If you want to embrace the spice, the Hop House 13 larger strikes a perfect balance in washing down the spices and subtle heat found in the Mtura. This combination provides all the bold flavor you could ever ask for. Elevate your next BBQ experience with this pairing.

Beer and Pizza

The idea of pairing booze and food is nothing new, but beer and pizza are a particularly great combination. Bubbles from the carbonated brew cut right through the fatty, cheese-heavy toppings on a pizza. Think along the lines of wine pairings: a light beer goes with a light, vegetable-heavy pie. Drink something heavier and hop forward if your slice carries heartier ingredients, like pepperoni or sausage.

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Driftwood Oven, back open after months of renovations, offers beer to pair with their freshly-baked, sourdough crust pies. Pair their seasonal peach and corn pizza with a lighter-bodied Duquesne Pilsner. For the spicy-sausage-covered fan-favorite, The Archer, grab a four-pack of General Braddock’s IPA from Brew Gentlemen in Braddock

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