Dishy Favourite November- Vishal

Destined to unravelling of the city through its food, beverage and entertainment scene, Vishal strikes a balance between Instagram popularity and newer or more undiscovered photography talents, always with an eye to a certain quality of vision and a unique point of view. Billed on Instagram as a “guy who likes to eat,” the appetizing concoctions of Kenyan-based food and drinks Content creator Vishal have earned him nearly 70,000 followers during the couple of months he’s been posting to his IG feed.

content creator vishal

While the number of followers to the most popular feeds surpasses the million-mark, when it comes to the topic of food, He endlessly inspires by his use of colors and textures, and how he conveys such mood and emotion through photos and videos he describes as “bright, airy photographs with warm undertones that strike a balance between pretty and appetizing.”

Finding his account (Nairobi Disclosure) opens ones’ eyes to a whole world of food, drinks and lifestyle content under the Kenyan map that you didn’t even know existed!

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