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Hopie, a prominent figure in the food industry and one of Instagram’s top food influencers, has amassed over 48,000 followers on her successful Instagram account. What sets her apart from other food influencers is her exceptional photography and videography skills and her unique presentation style. Over the years, Hopie has become a master at uncovering hidden gems in the city, showcasing both fine dining and street food experiences.

Apart from showcasing the best of food spaces and experiences, Hopie also provides restaurant recommendations. With her established reputation, it is no surprise that her videos attract a huge online following. As one of her fans commented on her IG reel, “Hopie is good-looking and the best foodie ever… the way she explains the food taste, and everything is just perfect!”

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We completely agree with her fans. If you are a food lover, following Hopie on Instagram should be a top priority. If you are a brand looking to collaborate, working with her would ensure that your brand is recognized by food lovers not only in Kenya but also beyond.


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