Curse of the Gifted

90 day rule is a girls fantasy. If you can wait, then you have passed the drill. GRACE couldn’t keep the jar closed anymore. Yang was the lucky man. But what a blessing in disguise? IVY KABEI narrates

Valentines was amazing according to the girls, perfect is an understatement. Everyone was talking about how their night was, who gave out the cookie and who didn’t. Well this time all eyes were on grace. I don’t know how many have heard of the 90 rule. What’s the 90 rule you ask, it’s basically all about patience. A test to see how serious a man is, trying to gauge him for 3 months without opening the jar. Making him sweat for it.

Grace has been seeing Yang for quite some time which is surprising, why? Grace is a successful woman, the intimidating type. That’s why she has been circling around this relationship tale. It’s not that she can’t get a man, I mean, she’s every guys desire. Yang on the other hand is something else, he dresses well, knows how to talk to people, he’s literally loved by everyone and above all he knows how to treat a woman. “So did you do it? ’’Brenda asked with a little giggle. They were all eager of course, they wanted to know the details. ’’What do you think? ’’Grace said with a wicked smile curved all over her face.

‘’No way,’’ Brenda said kind of disappointed, none of them wanted her hurt, it’s all about the girl code. “No haven’t done it yet, btw Yang’s coming to pick me up at 8. “Grace has been going out quite often lately which is impressive, well done to Yang.” Wow I think this one’s a keeper guys.” Einstein had spoken, they all laughed. It was always fun hanging out with the girls but it was time to prepare herself for her chariot awaits. Earlier on Yang had sent some gifts at her office, a bouquet of flowers and a golden box with a lovely royal black dress, some black heels and D&G perfume. 8 points for him. He really knows his way through a girls’ heart. The girls were still there, no one was going to miss out on the juicy staff. Grace was ready and this time she was killing it.” Oh my, Grace “everyone was perplexed. The doorbell rang, it was young he had some more flowers which he gave to grace with a light peck, they watched as they walked down the path, talk about Bonnie and Clyde, young love.

Yang had booked them a table at urban eatery, the food was great, they really enjoyed themselves. Grace was glowing and bubbling in shyness. One of the best treats she had had in a while. it was time to leave, Yang dropped her off with a slight peck and a deep hug. Grace was not about to let go. Her ego was too weak for Yang and she popped the que, “would you mind coming in?” With a sheepish smile, and bottle of Moet in his hand, “after you” he said bluntly. Trust Moët to always kicks things off. They popped the champagne and things got steamy. F**k 90-day rule, she was willing to let go. Don’t be too quick to judge, 2 minutes was all it took. Perfect imperfection it was.

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