Cooking oil vs Salad Dressing

Salads are a healthy meal that many people enjoy, for various reasons, but oftentimes because of their health benefits. Because salads are often eaten for their health benefits or nutritional value, sometimes adding a store-bought dressing defeats the purpose of eating healthy. This is where salad oils come in because they are a healthier option.

Salad oil and vegetable oils are very similar. Perhaps you might be confused about what the minor differences are between the oils. The main difference is in how the oils are extracted for dressings compared to cooking.

Salad oils are light tasting Vegetable Oils used in making salad dressing. They can be easily combined with a few other ingredients to make a delicious Vinaigrette dressing that can top off your salad and make it into something absolutely delicious. While that’s an option, using salad oil by its self to top the salad has more authentic taste. Pure mountain oils are generally lightly flavored so that they don’t overpower the salad but serve to enhance the flavors.

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They are made from high oleic oilseeds and run smoothly when poured and don’t contain the anti-foaming agent, making it not fit for cooking. PURE MOUNTAIN dressing Oils are the best for salads and all your dressing needs. Try their Raspberry dressing or the Pure Mountain Honey Balsamic dressing today available from a supermarket near you.

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