Cooking Chicken Wings


When it comes to festivities, no party would be complete without a platter full of chicken wings. Fried foods are a guilty pleasure for many people. They are tender on the inside with a delicious crunchy outside.

Wings—their power cannot be underestimated. While you can cook these finger-licking beauties in many different ways, in our DOPE CONVERSATION we vibe courtesy of HOT POINT APPLIANCES as we highlight two of the most favored ways of cooking chicken wings. There are a plethora of cooking variations deep frying them in oil is more popular in Kenya but with the new air fryers, many chicken wing lovers are adopting this more. While picking your poison just be sure to grab some wet wipes before you dig in!

An Air Fried Chicken Wings


Air Fryer Chicken Wings are the best and crispiest wings ever! Done in less than 20 minutes, you’ll never make wings another way again! Air frying is a gamer changer.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings


That’s why it’s winning more hearts, especially with the new Nutricook 6l air fryer. With no oil involved, air-fried wings are super crispy on the outside and tender and juicy. A little seasoning pack it with great taste 1000x better than frying in oil and is so much healthier too!

Air Fried Chicken



What is there not to love about fried foods? For one thing, there is the unhealthy aspect with the excess oil used to fry them. Aside the unhealthy down side and cooking for a longer time, it’s a perfect guilt pleasure.

Air fried chicken

Deep-fried chicken is flavored inside out. With the right temperature of the oil, the wings will be cooked with a tasty crunchy crust with succulent meat inside. Deliciousness at its best!

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Air Fryer Chicken Wings

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