Cointreau’s 170-Year Legacy of Excellence

A Taste of History

Cointreau, a name familiar to bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, has long been a staple of the craft cocktail-maker’s arsenal. The beloved orange-flavored liquor has been enjoyed for over a century and a half, with its founding in 1849 by Edouard Cointreau in Angers, France. Despite the Cointreau family’s long history as bakers and confectioners, Edouard decided to diversify the family business and began experimenting with various liqueurs. This led to the creation of Guignolet, a French cherry liqueur, before ultimately settling on an orange-flavored liqueur that would bear the family name.


The essence of Cointreau

Unlike other triple sec, Cointreau’s unique flavor profile is achieved through a combination of sweet and bitter orange peels. This distinctive blend gives the liquor its one-of-a-kind taste. Additionally,  Cointreau’s production process is also unique, as the orange peels are macerated in neutral alcohol to extract the flavors and oils before being distilled in copper stills, resulting in a smooth and balanced liqueur.


Although the orange liqueur is sold in over 150 countries each year, it is exclusively produced at Carré Cointreau in Angers, France. The distillery offers tours and cocktail classes, making it an ideal destination for drink enthusiasts around the world. Additionally, the brand’s iconic square bottle has made Cointreau a global standard from the Americas to Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Cointreau’s tasting notes


Color: orange hues with brown highlights
Aroma: herbs, spices, orange peel and citrus
Taste: hot-sweet, oranges, mint, herbs and flowers
Finish: medium long, pleasant, herbs, caramel, ginger



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