Climate Change on Food Systems

Climate change is among the greatest threats of our generation—and of generations to come—to public health, ecosystems, and the economy. The projected impacts of climate change, many of which are already occurring. It affects eco systems, water resources, food, health, coastal zones, industrial activities and human growth. Farming practices that were once stable are no longer effective.

Smaller harvests leave families with less to eat and sell. Adverse Climate change has harmed crops and reduce yield, as well as contributing to pest outbreaks, disease, and even to changing pollination distribution.

Mitigation and Adaptation | Solutions – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the  Planet

Evidence of this can be found in our nation, which is experiencing its’ most severe climate patterns ever. We’ve seen, the migratory dessert locust infesting more than 3 counties in Kenya, combined with an armyworm outbreak that has caused up to 50 percent of crop losses in the region.

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These factors have contributed to changing agricultural conditions, for which farmers have been unable to prepare.

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