Choosing the best whisky glass

Just like choosing a whisky, there are many different opinions on how to select the ideal whisky glass. The tulip-shaped copita glass is said to be the greatest since it best displays the scents and flavours of the distilled drinks. Some whisky consumers choose the traditional Old Fashioned or rocks glass for leisurely sips. Some people might not be aware of this, yet just one glass can alter your entire drinking experience. Do the same when selecting your glass as you would when selecting your whisky, and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the booze. We have chosen the best glasses to add to your collection, whether you’re sipping Tennessee whisky, rye whisky or bourbon.

Tips for selecting the type of glass

A glass initially appears to be nothing more than a vessel for sipping your preferred whisky. But a glass with good design can do so much more. When making your selection, bear in mind that the bowl’s form and size are two of the factors most crucial to how well a spirit will be enhanced by the glass. Maximilian Josef Riedel, 11th-generation CEO and president of Riedel Crystal tells Whisky Advocate, “The diameter of the rim, the bowl shape, and size of a Riedel glass are what dictate the nuances of the drinking experience.”

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A large bowl provides a larger surface area to disclose fragrances, therefore the size of the bowl and how the glass feels in your hand can have a significant impact when whirling. Additionally, it hastens the alcohol’s evaporation before it touches your nose.

A glass’s ability to release fragrances has an impact on the experience as well. You can thank the mouth’s size and shape for this. The copita is a sherry-specific glass with a long stem that resembles a tiny wine glass. Although this glass is excellent for nosing, it is not very useful for regular whisky consumption.

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Raymond Davidson consequently invented the Glencairn, one of the most recognisable whisky glasses.

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“A copita focuses the aromas and you can swirl it around, swivel it around to get the air in there, and then nose it. In order to make a functional product for a bar, and offer aerating of the whiskey, I made the bowl more bulbous, so you can really swirl it around. I also opened the mouth to make it a practical drinking glass,” he says.

The choice of glass ultimately depends on the goal of the experience. A Glencairn glass is the best choice for a blind tasting or a whisky flight. A tumbler is more versatile and great for ice addition or mixing drinks. Others can be used for both cocktails and neat pours, while some glasses are designed to highlight a particular spirit. All types of glasses are suitable, and a good home bar need to have a few different types of each.



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