Chinese Government Official Intervenes in China Square Scandal

Wu Peng, Director General of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Department of African Affairs, urged tolerance and the development of an inclusive economic climate for both Kenya and China.
The envoy added that entrepreneurs needed to be given a warm welcome to set up their firms in both nations as it would enhance commerce in a statement dated Tuesday, February 28, and seen by one of kenyan media station

He stated that Kenya was one of their main trading partners and promised to keep promoting trade ties between the two nations.

Peng was responding to the debate around China Square, which is owned by Chinese national Lei Cheng.
“A non-arbitrary and non-discriminatory investment environment is vital to the healthy development of bilateral practical cooperation.

“I believe that through collective efforts, China-Kenya cooperation will better benefit both people,” read the statement in part.
he also emphasized that a lot of chain stores were run by non-residents and that China was open to global investors.

The special envoy continued by saying that several Chinese-run businesses that had opened offices in Kenya have also benefited Kenya.
“Our commitment will translate into more favourable policies for foreign investors. International supermarkets, chain-stores can be seen everywhere in China and we welcome more to come.

Director-General of the Department of African Affairs of the Foreign Ministry Wu Peng

“Brotherly bonds and fruitful outcomes are cornerstones of China-Kenya cooperation. The slogan of a famous Chinese ceramics factory in Kenya – Twyford tile is ‘Buy Local, Build Local’,” he added.
Peng’s remark was made in the midst of the China Square scandal, which caused the owner to temporarily close the store.

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Kenyatta University owns Unicity Mall, where China Square is located.

Moses Kuria, the secretary of the Trade Ministry, stated that he had proposed to KU to purchase out the lease of China Square and lease it to regional merchants instead.

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