Chief to be arrested after drinking in a local pub

On Saturday, July 8, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua commanded the detention of the chief of Nyeri County for daytime drinking at a nearby tavern.

The DP expressed profound regret for the national government administrator’s actions during his speech at a funeral, noting that they directly ran counter to the government’s ongoing efforts to stop the sale of illegal alcohol, especially in the Mt. Kenya region, and to deal with the area’s pervasive alcoholism problem.

“Right now, there is a chief drinking at the bar right now. I will give you his name so that you can go arrest him. How can he be drinking at 1 pm? If a chief is drunk how will he deal with the alcohol here?

“You will have to find his replacement. There is no drunk chief who will work in this government. They will decide whether they want to drink or work,” the DP stated.

Gachagua questioned how the administrator would do his duties while intoxicated.

The Deputy President chose not to reveal the chief’s name or position, nevertheless. Nevertheless, the County Commander received the information required to make the arrest.

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Courtesy KNA

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