CHAPTER 3: The Hook-Up

Hands down, the first date is the nicest part of dating. It’s exciting, romantic, and just plain wonderful. Everything regarding a first date is pure bliss as FAITH RONO describes what happened during the hook-up.

Hello…I stammered.

I felt as if a dream had just come true for me. Consequently, I had no idea what was going through Rishad’s head. I was conflicted about what he thought of me. Imagine getting two missed calls from a woman she had never met. What would he think of me if he met me?

I could admit that I loved his voice on phone. I wanted to listen more than I did talk. He started off by apologizing to me which made me feel reposed. I was curious to know what he does so I could know how to handle him.

First impression matters, as they say, dress how you want to be addressed.

As a result, a location where we could meet was discussed as part of the chat. I was speechless when he complimented me on the phone. I’d even forgotten about the missed calls I’d left on his phone. He finally hung up after several lengthy phone calls. I immediately dialed Peshy’s number to tell her what had happened and our arrangements with Rishad.

I assured her that I would keep her informed at all times and she was over the moon for me.

Rishad and I were to meet the next day and I called my ‘wing lady’ Peshy asking for a little of her time while briefing her about meeting ‘le’mans’.  We met at our local for a few Snap beer cocktails.

Meeting up

I had dressed to impress; the short little dress accentuated my curves, the laced diamond purse blended perfectly and complimented my shadow diamond necklace and the pinned earrings.

In the middle of our drinks, Rishad called and I bid my friend goodbye but promised to keep in touch.

I was getting nervous by the minute as Rishad proposed a classy joint for our meetup. By his choice of venue, I could tell he had good taste. He appeared dapper; Timeless and classic would describe his style.

He oozed confidence as he strutted in his well-cut cloth. Did I mention, he was smelling heavenly as well?  He was an easy person being around and he made me feel comfortable. As we continued taking overbites and sips, he paused and asked what I was doing for a living.

“I work at an NGO around Westlands and this is my second year,” I told him.

While he never divulged a lot about what he did for a living, he intimated that he was in a car import business. And since mimi si polisi I didn’t bother asking further. As the night wore on, he asked whether we could actually date. I was over the moon but asked for some time hinting at a possible yes. My long lashes couldn’t hide my excitement.

As the conversation got juicier, so was the night.  He offered to drop me home. I could easily walk to my place but I mean, he had pulled up in black classy SUV, a BMW X6.

His beast of a machine suddenly experienced some mechanical issues. As he tried to salvage the situation while profusely apologizing, I meekly offered him to wait in the house before his ‘private mechanic’ showed up. He obliged and I could sense he was relieved as we locked eyes walking towards the gate.



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